Modern Pendant Light Artichoke Chandelier

When it comes to the whole task of designing the interiors of your home, lighting basics are taken as an afterthought, which can actually break or make your home. You might end up spending good bucks on thinking and executing your paint charts but the fact of the matter is that it is actually a good lighting that helps in showing off a space to its best. Light fitting plan should be planned ideally on a room which is just like a clean slate where there are no sockets or cables to restrict your creativity. However if you are thinking of giving it a more professional touch then there are many short electrician training courses available in UK where you can learn all the basics of a perfect fitting for your home. 

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Installing Pendant Lamps and Chandeliers at Home

Pendant lamps and chandeliers can add elegance as well as style to the room are usually hung in the centre of any room. They can be the ideal light fittings when it comes to general lighting but these types of lights will need a boost from other sources as well. Their main feature is that they cast a dim light and flatten the shadows, hence they need to be installed properly and wisely, hence a electrician training courses can surely come in handy when you undertaking the fitting at a DIY level. Ranging from chandeliers to paper lanterns, the pendant lamps can be installed by following these steps

Turning off the Power at the Junction Box Before embarking on a lighting fitting project, you must ensure that the electricity supply to the home has been cut off at the fuse or the junction box. A voltage checker will be the ideal equipment to check cross check for the absence of electricity running through the wires.

Hold the Fixture Up The fixture needs to be held up by another person who will help with the task of connecting the wires as per the directions that have been provided with the pendant lamp or chandelier. The nuts should be tightly fixed at this stage.

Making the Right Connections As per a new UK regulations, the colours of the wires have changed since April 2006. Hence the wiring colours for the older installations are different from the newer ones. The electrical training courses that are offered in UK very well teach you all these minute details.

Carrying out the Installation The knockout has to be removed from the ceiling base and the edges need to be rounded. When you find that the pendant light is going in a wrong direction then you have to run a supply cable at a new location. Connect the switch cables, feed cables and light supply cables as per a specified ruleset. There are many people who will find difficult in getting a hang of all this wiring stuff themselves, hence they can consider hiring the services of a professional electrician for the same. Moreover you should prefer hiring only those who have had an extensive electrical training from some reputed learning centre.